Scholarship Information

2016 Scholarship Winners

2016 Winners

Madeline Mooney, Julia Evans, Marcus Zwiebel, Haley Adams, Laken Ambrister

Scholarship Qualifications

  1. Applicants for the scholarship must:
    1. Be a resident of Allen County
    2. Be a student at Bath High School
    3. Live in Bath Township
    4. Have a history of participation in extra curricular school activities
    5. Participate in community activities i.e. Scouts, Church groups
  2. Applicants must be recommended by (choose any 2):
    1. Teacher
    2. Coach
    3. Community Leader
    4. Minister, Priest or Rabbi
  3. Applicants must be of Good Moral Character:
    In the event that any scholarship recipient has been convicted of a felony, drug abuse and or trafficking under the court of law, his or her educational scholarship will be terminated and he or she will no longer receive the benefits thereof.
  4. Due Date:
    The due date to apply for graduating seniors is May 1st of that year. The grant application along with the letters of recommendation must be submitted for the application to be considered. All Scholarship Documents can be submitted to the Bath High School Guidance Counselors office.

Download the KHF Scholarship Form

Administrative Policies

The Board of Directors of the Kyle’s Heart Foundation has absolute discretion in selecting recipients of the Scholarship and in determining amounts of the said scholarship.

When an applicant has been named as the recipient of the scholarship, he/she shall by August 1 in the year of the scholarship present to the Board satisfactory evidence of his or her acceptance at a College, University, Trade or Technical School. The failure to do so will forfeit the scholarship opportunity for that recipient.

Scholarship monies will be paid directly to the College, University, Trade or Technical School of the recipient’s choice and will not be paid to the scholarship recipient under normal circumstances. Monies will be paid in one lump sum at the beginning of the semester.

If the recipient becomes involved in any illegal or unethical behavior resulting in legal issues or litigation, the recipient will receive no further scholarship funding.

Past Scholarship Winners

  • 2015 Winners 2015
    Sarah Blesiman, Cameron Jenkins, Mary Dackin, Wesley Patton, Cassandra Best
  • 2014 Winners 2014
    Carl with Audrey Brandon, Heather Miller, Eric Heffner, Tara Herr, Jenna Hollar
  • 2013 Winners 2013
    Caleb Norton, Sydney Meffley, Mitchell Skinner
  • 2012 Winners 2012
    Jason Lauf, Kayla Mumaw, Madison Clark
  • 2011 Winners 2011
    Carrie Ellington, Caitlin Kiracote, Emily Spragg, Johny Simindinger
  • 2010 Winners 2010
    Muriel Smith, Shane Naylor, Stephanie Sanders
  • 2009 Winners 2009
    Rachael Basinger, Kevin Korkate, Brittney Brock
  • 2008 Winners 2008
    Amy LeeAnn Miller, Matt McKinney, Ben Wierman